Sunday, August 28, 2011

One of the Cool Kidz

As I'm home for a few days longer than expected due to the hurricane out east, I picked up a shift at work tonight. 

Did I need the money? No.

So why did I volunteer to work this last precious week of summer in possibly city's busiest dessert-spot?

Because I like the people who work there.

They are funny, sassy, and make work interesting and enjoyable.
I recall on my second day being handed my new nametag by my manager and being told, "You're one of the cool kids now."


lolz melodramatic foto.

It also made me think of why I've been hesitant to blog.
I feel like I have tons of great ideas/recipes but I want to "save" them for when I have like, one follower, at least. But I realized, just like at work, I have to start putting myself out there before anyone will like/want to interact with me. 

So no more hesitating !

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