Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a wee little milwaukee time

because my flight back to school was on the same day as irene's little outburst on the big apple, i'm home for a few more days. which honestly, is just.fine.with.me. i wasn't mentally prepared to leave home yet, and wasn't really packed either. as i spent like, all summer working and/or taking chem 2, some time off to actually enjoy milwaukee has been great. 

so yesterday, my mom and i went to the milwaukee art museum to see the China exhibit :) 
and oh my. yesterday's weather was perfect and i was just so pumped to be outside enjoying the weather and the beauty of milwaukee. it was recently named one of america's five most underrated cities and i couldn't agree more.

even though the wings were closed (boo) it was still a gorgeous day

 corny, yes.

view from the museum to downtown.

the milwaukee art museum is truly a hidden gem. in fact, it was recently featured in transformer's 3, AND was the set of last year's victoria's secret holiday commercial

photographs were not allowed in the exhibit (boooo) but it was pretty cool and i enjoyed the chinese art and furniture. in fact, it may have just inspired some decorating for my apartment...
afterwords, mommy was hungry, so we grabbed a late (second for me..) lunch at another one of milwaukee's finest places...alterra coffee, lakefront location. umm, gorgeous/tastey...


my favorite thing at alterra for lunch/dinner is the grilled vegetable burrito:
sweet potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, black & refried beans, manchego cheese, and roasted corn poblano salsa with chipotle rice

umm....need i say more? it is SO so delicious. warm, tender, slightly spicy veggies grilled to perfection, juxaposed with melty, tangy, just-enough-without-overpowering gooey-cheesy rice & black beans, all tucked in a flaky, crispy tortilla served with homemade, fresh salsa (i always ask for two..) && fresh seasonal fruit. all for $6.55. major win.

the anticipation....

 when the food came, i dove in instead of snapping  a pic, but here's one from my iphone that i've previously taken of a GVB. mmmmmmmmm. my fav. 

and that was a lovely afternoon in the good old MKE. hope your day was as enjoyable as mine !


  1. MKE looks like a gorgeous city! One of my best friends just moved here, I look forward to visiting someday!

  2. I agree, it's not a city I've ever considered visiting but I may just stop by there one day!