Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worry && Round Two

Worry is on my mind today.


well, first off, there's that hurricane hitting NYC that could be one for the yes, i'm quite worried about my friends living there already and for the city itself. 

then [on a much less important/terrifying note] there is this blog.
i was very hesistant to start a blog. 
i know myself, and know i'm bad at keeping up with things.

i predicted to a friend i'd stop blogging two days after i started.
and look what happened.
just that

the truth is, blogging is much more time-consuming than i had assumed.
photographing food? uploading photos? writing posts?
yeah. it all takes time.
and i officially have a new respect for the bloggers i have creeped on for so long.

i fear no one will read my blog and that it will be a waste of time.
that said, i'm going to give it another shot

i feel i have a lot to say about healthy living and lots of recipes to share.
and if it end up a dud? so be it. i have nothing to loose.

here goes round two; let's go!

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