Monday, September 5, 2011

buckling up to get down with the textbooks.

yikes. tomorrow, this starts:

hopefully these will help:

alterra coffee from home

 a friendly note-to-self. 
no laughs, please. i made myself one of these last year and it worked wonders.

so before the chaos kicks off, i tried to do things today to settle in. like finish unpacking. and buy a printer. while i was out shopping i got handed some of these from a promoter...

tickets to barilla's annual cooking festival in central park. neat-o!

another highlight of my day was basically stealing from whole foods.
i say that because individual greek yogurts (which generally run at about $1.99/each) where on sale $5/5. so of course i stalked up!
but how did i get 12 yogurts for $9 + tax, you ask?
well, it just so happens that if you buy a case of anything at whole foods, even if its on sale, you get a 10% discount. just ask a sales associate to get you a case. 
so for things you know you'll use, why not! i assure you none of these yogurts will go to waste.

also, on a walk today i saw this little dude:


obviously, he made me (and many other people) smile. he was drawing quite the crowd, this wittle bugger. 

off to make dinner with some friends! ta-ta.

do you love a deal? every time i get a good deal, i feel like i'm on top of the earth!


  1. Yikes! Good luck with classes! That's so great that you got a good deal on greek yogurt, I love saving money :)

  2. ahhh campbell's biology. I know it well. Organic chemistry sucks but that wee doggy is uber cute.

  3. Good luck with your classes, and yay for greek yogurt!

  4. Hey Kathrine, loving your blog! The background is awesome, i love finding new blogs like this! Good to see the helpful coffee is all ready to be a friend when the tough stuff begins. Oh my gosh that doggy is tiny! Love a good deal too, especially when its on something like greek yog! Looking forward to reading more from you!

  5. thank you thank you thank you all!