Thursday, September 1, 2011

mini things make me happy; leaving my pup makes me sad.

today is my last day before i move back to NYC for fall semester.

i had more last-minute packing/laundry than i realized, so i spent the majority of the day doing that
i did, however, squeeze in a little time to pop in the lululemon showroom in milwaukee to try on some jackets i've been meaning to order offline for a while, but wanted to try them on since i tend to vary between two sizes there

heading towards the store...i'll miss you milwaukee

speaking of size, check out the free sample they gave me (i only had my iphone with me, so pardon the crappy pics):

so mini!

it made me squee ! i couldn't get over it !
i don't know why but i've always loved mini-things. mini candy bars, when regular-sized food is miniturized for appetizers, baby clothes, baby spoons...little = so fun for me!

i actually think i had more fun looking at the bar than actually eating it. i used to think luna bars were the cat's pajamas and found them a perfectly acceptable substitute for quick breakfast (the thought of that now makes me ill), but since i've gotten more into cooking/baking/my health, i think they're just...okay. i'm not really wild about them. i know they're 'all natural' but i feel like you can still taste a hint of that chemical spray and no longer find them satisfying. they fill me up for like, ten minutes. sad.

also sad, leaving this....

again, apologies for all the crappy iphone pictures but it's all i had. i feel so bad leaving her. she is honestly my best friend. and what's sadder is that as a german shepard, she has bad hips...and have gotten worse all summer :-( shes nearing 11 in human years and i can bear the thought of her getting any older. it makes me so so sad to leave her. tomorrow is going to be rrrruf (that was a really bad pun).

next time i post it'll likely be from the city! can't wait to revisit many of my favorite NYC eateries (pics will come). and see my school friends. hooray!

do you love mini things as much as i do?
anyone else feel super awful leaving furry friends behind?


  1. I adore mini things... everything is just so much cuter in miniature!!

    And, um, can't say I feel awful leaving furry friends behind. Considering I haven't got any, and all.

    <3 <3

  2. I always feel a little bad when I head to my fam's for the weekend and leave the kitties behind. They probably could give 2 craps if I was there, though. ;) Your dog is such a cutie! And mini things make me squeeee, too. :) Safe travels to NYC!