Friday, September 9, 2011

craziness (FNO) & finding calm in new york city


last night was fashion's night out in new york city. and it.was.nuts. even crazier/bigger than last year.
i headed to soho to celebrate. on the way, this sign caught my eye and totally worked. i went in the store.... 

sadly, the puppies weren't even THAT cute. disappointing.

once i got to soho, i met with a friend who had just met pharrel williams. we headed to the dash store to see dj pauly d (yup, i shamelessly love jersey shore) spin. it was insane:

in fact, the police closed it before people were even let in! lame.

we then headed to DVF and did a cool mini-photoshoot where they took continuous pictures for 7 seconds and turned it into a flip book - cool souvenir ! while in line, hot guys came by with champagne and h'or dervs. i grabbed a mini toast with goat cheese and beats. it was as delicious as it was cute. i love tiny things.

background for flip-book photo-shoot.

we kept walking, and tyler the creator ran out of the billionaire boy's club into a taxi, which was then swarmed, and caused a huge fuss. people were standing/cheering on his taxi. sometimes i feel bad for famous people. that's gotta be stressful!


  1. Your nails need work & Tyler, The Creator is a misogynist. Fuck. Your. Life.

  2. you see loads of famous people just in 1 day! that is awesome. :-)

  3. Looks crazy and busy! :)