Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what i [didn't] eat wednesday

this was something i could not have today. (okay i cheated and totally had some). but i shouldn't have. but i was told, that to help some lingering discomfort to stay away from coffee, cream, and...

high sugar/fat/butter based desserts.

whipped cream - which is possibly one of my favorite foods ever.
also, if you like whipped cream - this brand is the best after homemade. no preservatives. just real cream, vanilla, and powder sugar. less = more.

nor any of these....gasp!

 salsa (my love), hot sauce (another love), or katsup. not to mention vinegar or mustard. the horrors !

saldly, it looks like the closest i'll be getting to anything high in acid, unhealthy fats, or processed foods will be the following erasers which sit cutely upon my desk:

 so what's wrong with me? well, this card (from the hilarious card collection grandma's dead, purchased at urban outfitters) offers the explanation:


the lumps in my throat for the past few months and my dull chest pain are apparently acid reflux. :-\
meaning i have to cut back on a lot of my favorite foods :-(
obviously, i'm mega-bumbed, but everyday i'm thankful that i don't have a debilitating psychaitric disorder or a fatal disease. i've struggled with major depression and still battle with my adhd on a daily basis, but these struggles only make me stronger. anytime a clusterf*#&k comes my way, (ie: getting lice at the end of last semester...ick!) i keep in mind how lucky i am to have my health, my stability, the opportunity to pursuit an education and a career of choice, and the support of my friends and family. seriously

the world is not ending over my acid reflux.
and it's not all bad. this will force me to get more creative in the kitchen. i'm going to have to think of new ways to flavor my foods and still enjoy them without all the heat and punch i normally like them with. 

and i'm already excited for this excuse to try new things, like non-dairy cheese.

AND i can still eat some of my favorite foods. including vegetables (thankgawd), whole grains, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, and greek yogurt:

my beautiful beautiful greek yogurt 
(pictured above as pumpkin-spiced greek yogurt)
greek yogurt is alright in moderation
which may actually be a challenge for me. considering my supply and my ability to down that goodness like it's my job

and speaking of greek yogurt, i plan to do a post very soon with several of my favorite ways to eat it :-) so stay tuned

 finally, ending this on a zen note, i did something else bad for my acid reflux

how do you keep things in perspective when things are tough?
did you ever have to (temporarily or permenantly) cut out some of your favorite foods?
any advice/tips/personal acid reflux experiences?


  1. Ohhhhh my goodness! I also suffer massively from acid reflux (actually, I just got back from the doctors for this problem!)…I have no idea what foods trigger it and its majorly ruining my life right now - what are your triggers?

    And its true - some things we do have to be thankful for despite life being damned hard at times! Stay strong girlie!


  2. Ugh, I'm sorry, that really sucks! I'm honestly afraid to find out that I can't tolerate things I love, so I tend to just ignore minor discomfort. (Yep, because that's effective.) But I do know that I can't eat citrus fruit... annoying, because I love it.

    I'm not the "look at the bright side" type, but... at least now you know the cause, right?

    <3 <3

  3. I get horrible acid reflux, but I've managed to find foods that don't cause pain. Thankfully I do have some medication to help with acid reflux/stomach acid, which helps a great deal. I avoid onion at all costs, and garlic is a special treat. I'm currently not having any soy because I've found it really contributes to my pain (intolerance probably), it definetley has caused me to get more creative trying to find high protein snacks/dinners!

  4. Aw I'm sorry you're not able to eat some of your favorite foods! Acid reflux has never been a problem for me but it sounds rough :( Especially if I had to limit greek yogurt!!! I LOVE it.

    I hope you find some good alternatives to your favorties!

  5. I have acid reflux. I just pop tums and ride the pain out. It's like taking a tequila shot.