Sunday, September 11, 2011

meal plan: the decision.

as a non-freshman, i have the option to opt-out of the university dining hall program. however, i think i'm going to get a meal plan. the smallest, but still a meal plan. 

why? well, nyu totally shatters stereotypes about 'dorm food' here are some pics from last year's dining hall meals:

black bean burger on whole wheat bun, salad with mixed greens, shrooms, beets, onions, sauteed sweet potato wedges,  tofu, cookies, soy milk

although i don't like a lot of things at nyu, i must say their dining services kick-ass.

there are tons of vegetarian/vegan options, often use local and organic ingredients, always have bountiful fresh produce, and have interesting dishes like cilantro cumin brown rice and orzo with sundried tomatoes, mixed vegetables, and feta

there's also a great spot for lunch with probably the best salad bar ever:

spinach, artichoke hearts, tortollini, shrooms, beets, chickpeas, blackbeans, cottage cheese, fresh mixed fruit (which included pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries)


 with a nice view, too!

my go-tos are big salads, hummus wraps with lots of veggies, grilled veggie wraps, made-to-order stir-frys and/or pastas, and of course, veggie burgers !

they even have fage...FAGE !

nyu dining even hosts strawberry fest, where each year they make the world's largest strawberry short cake. more like a strawberry longcake! lolz


i know i don't have to have a meal plan, and a lot of my friends don't. but i think i may stick with a small one. when you do the math, the meals average out to $11 each, which some argue is more than they'd spend on a meal out. however, when i can get a hummus wrap, giant salad, three pieces of fruit (and two to go), sweet potato fries, juice, coffee, soymilk AND frozen yogurt for dessert....well let's just say, for those of us who eat lots of produce (which is raising in $$) and have hefty appetites...i think i get my money's worth.

what would you do?
how was/is your dorm food?


  1. Stick with the meal plan, who needs the hassle of having to constantly find food. It's comforting to know there's always a (healthy) choice waiting for you.

  2. I commute from home for classes, so I don't have to worry about dorm food, but if I was living on campus I think I would go with a plan, I hear most of the on campus food is pretty good!

  3. Definitely keep the meal plan, if our dorms had the option of good food I would totally take it! That said, my dorm food consists of a wide range of MERIKAN food like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, etc. I felt really bad for my arteries after a while.

  4. i loved having a meal plan! (ahh the good old days!) and holy strawberry shortcake, that thing is huge!